Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission and Corporate Values;

The Company has its vision as a producer and distributor of aquatic animal feeds and pet animals with an emphasis of the quality of products, services and operations under an international standard and its commitments to create future with new businesses for its continuous and sustainable growth.

Besides animal feed business, the company has a policy to generate sustainable income for long-term returns to shareholders by investing in geothermal electricity generating projects in Japan as the company foresees that investing in the fundamental public utility business is worthwhile and will ensure good return in the long run. Geothermal electricity generating is clean and environmental friendly, the project further receives Japanese government’s support.


1. Emphasize maximum profits and cash flow from business operations;

2. Enhance sustainable business growth;

3. Continuously develop working systems and processes for corporate efficiency

4. Develop human resources to obtain more knowledge and working capacities and creative thinking;

5. Maintain good relationships and create satisfactions to customers and trading partners;

6. Take corporate social and environmental responsibilities under the principles for good governance and ethical practice, which shall lead to sustainable development;


Corporate Values “Quality Prioritized, All Processes in Our Sights”

1. Integrity:
Adhered to the principle of corporate governance, honesty and common interest (rather than personal interest);

2. Discipline;
Be disciplined and adhered to duties and committed to learning of new things;

3. Quality;
Focused on the quality and services, devote oneself to professional performance of work, maintain the standard and create satisfactions to business-related parties;

4. Improvement;
Committed to creating performances and continuous development of innovation and excellent performances;

5. Engagement;
Devoted oneself for common interest, having teamwork skills for creation of performances;