Held the shareholders’ meeting model TLUXE205A

M.L. Panpeangduen Sangkhapong, Chief Executive Officer (2nd from right) and Mr. Pravendee Khajorndej, Chief Accountant and Finance Officer (1st from right) PP Prime Public Company Limited or PPPM TLUXE205A shareholders’ meeting to consider and approve the cancellation of the agreement on the payment of the difference from the sale of STAR shares in the event […]

PP Prime-Thailuxe Project “Invite Shop to Help Share” No. 1/2564

The management and staff of PP Prime Public Company Limited and its affiliates jointly organized the PP Prime-Thailux “Chuan Shop Chuay Cher” project No. 1/2564. Employees in the organization can bring consumer goods to sell at a friendly price. The purpose is to strengthen relationships, create positive energy, generate extra income, distribute income within the […]

Executives and employees of PP Prime PCL. And affiliates of Thai Luxe Enterprise Co., Ltd. Attend a prayer ceremony

On March 26, 2021, the management and staff of MCOT Plc. PP Prime and affiliates of Thai Luxe Enterprise Co., Ltd. attended the 89-year-old midwife prayer for the midwife of Mrs. Narumol. Supha Phang, Chief Executive of Nong Chumpol Subdistrict at House No. 55, Village No. 1, Nong Chumpon Subdistrict, Mueang District Khao Yoi, Phetchaburi […]

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