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Message from Company Board of Directors Chairman

The economic fluctuations, climate changes and limitations on natural resources have

consequently made in the business operations full of challenges. When such challenges and changes cannot be avoided, Thai Luxe Enterprises Public Co., Ltd., or TLUXE therefore places the importance on the development for the corporate growth on the Principle of Sustainable Business Operations in the future which, in this respect, the business enterprise must protect the environments and return them to the societies, as well, under the concept of “Creator of the Future.”

2017 was yet another year which we were proud of in raising standard level of the important industry; that was the Best Aquaculture Practices or BAP which was certified by Aquaculture Certification Council (ACC) of the United States of America. It is another standard that concretely proves the firm determination of our Company in carrying out the business operations, our participants in conserving environmental conditions and community to be abundant and sustainable, attentions on food safety without any requirement for traceability. The Certification bestowed upon TLUXE, as the manufacturer and distributor of aquatic animal feeds and one of the aquaculture process operators, particularly, prawns where the standard on which has been given, has eventually resulted in the raising of the Company’s product manufacturing standard level to premium grade, consequently making the Company’s gross sales growing with implicitly significance.

Where the turnovers in 2017 was respectively better, especially, LUXE’s main business on aquatic animal feeds manufactures that the revenues from prawn feeds sales accounted for the growth of 77.82% even though the market sharing was still in the same position. With the perseverance of all parties concerned, whether manufacturing factory, the management and marketing which had exerted their all out efforts and dedications, the turnovers were increased satisfactorily even we were faced with some problems on weather conditions that hindered the farmers. TLUX had never stopped our business development. In the forthcoming new year, we set our goal to increase our manufactures up to another 30% of the passing year. We are confident that our Company can do in accordance with the set goal.

Another Company’s important step, with good vision of the management which foresees the matter on the renewal energy which seems to be very good trend in the future together with the distribution management of risk from our main business that has more limitation, has this year made TLUXE increase the investment in the renewal energy such as geothermal energy and wind energy in foreign country which we are confident that it will be worthy investment and create the turnovers for LUXE satisfactorily.

Finally, I, on behalf of the Board of Directors, the Executives and all staff and employees, would like to express my utmost appreciation to all shareholders, customers, communities, partners, business enterprises, private bodies, state sectors and all parties concerned in playing your roles and taking part in providing supports to our Company’s business operations to the extent of being able to increase the economic values and create valuable community. We hereby covenant that we are standing readily to carry out our business

operations on the Principle of Good Corporate Governance as well as taking into account the social equilibrium and environments for the sustainability and perpetually standing side by side with our country.


M.L.Phanpiengduen Sungkahapong


Mr.Theera Kitijarurat


Miss Utaiwan Ruangrojwiriya