Anti-Corruption Policy
The company has the intention to create measures to prevent and combat corruption within the organization. By adhering to responsibility to all groups of stakeholders in accordance with good corporate governance and business ethics. Announcement is a policy for employees of the company Acknowledged thoroughly Until it becomes the values ​​and culture of the organization that everyone must adhere to and practice

Drug Prevention and Suppression Policy
The company will make the workplace of employees as a drug-free place. Which will undermine the employee performance And will have a serious impact on safety Performance And employee contributions As employees are involved in drugs that are punishable by law, the company will fully cooperate with the government to prevent and suppress all types of drugs.

Information Systems Security Policy
The company has established security policies, information systems and corporate networks. In accordance with relevant laws For efficiency and in accordance with the centralized organization management policy in order to create unity

quality Policy
The company focuses on the quality of products, services and operations at international standards. Ready to focus on creating the future with new businesses For continuous and sustainable growth And demonstrates the commitment of top management, therefore establishing a quality policy as well as managing the quality system To be put into practice in management And the production of the company's products

Environmental quality policy
The company has developed and created a quality system in the organization in order to be able to produce quality products. And able to create satisfaction for customers With the determination to continuously develop the business By focusing on producing quality products And at the same time giving importance to participation in preserving the environment

Security policy Occupational health and working environment
The company is committed to conducting business under the safety, environment and quality of life of employees.

Energy conservation policy
The company has continuously developed systems to produce quality products. By being aware of social and environmental responsibility As well as giving importance to energy conservation

Employment and labor management policies
The company adheres to the philosophy of the organization that "People return the heart of driving the organization". Therefore, employees are valuable assets. And is the key to driving the organization towards success and sustainable growth Therefore attaches importance to the view and and treatment of employees fairly and on the basis of respect for human rights

Tax policy
The company has appropriate and sustainable tax management. There is a tax payment that is required by law. Including proper tax management for the maximum benefit

Procurement and supplier ethics policy
The company has appropriate and sustainable tax management. There is a tax payment that is required by law. Including proper tax management for the maximum benefit

The company has set a quality policy for procurement. In order to set guidelines for seller development in various fields, in order to get better annual appraisal results for sellers And continue to improve the standard of evaluation results

The company recognizes that the procurement process and partner management services are an important part of sustainable supply chain management. Therefore has established a procurement policy For the procurement department to carry out concrete operations And achieve the goals set effectively

Code of Business Ethics
The company is committed to conducting legal business. Adhere to the principles of good governance And sustainable development Therefore has set a code of business partner To be used as a guideline for business operations Complies with the requirements with the law and the ethics of the company as well as international standards. By encouraging business partners to conduct business with transparency. Comply with safety standards And the environment For mutual sustainable growth

White Factory policy

The company is committed to the government's administration guidelines on drug prevention and correction in order to prevent the drug from spreading into the workplace.