About Us

Business Overview Thai Luxe Enterprises PCL

Thai Luxe Enterprises PCL was established in 1987 initially to import aquatic animal feed for distribution. Currently we are a manufacturer and distributor of aquatic animal feed both domestically and abroad. We concentrated in business development through our strategy FOOD-FARM-FUTURE, which keep perform manufacturing and distributing of aquatic animal feed and pet food by divided into 2 main lines, the shrimp feed production line, fish feed and pet food production line. Which process standard food safety, addition with farm business management to be testing center for testing and development of aquatic animal.

Also, we drive the new business which generates good returns continuous and sustainable in the future. The production of electricity from Geothermal Energy in Beppu, Oita, Japan and Wind Power in Honshu, Aomori, Japan, on behalf of TLUXE Power Limited.

History of Thai Luxe Enterprises PCL

Thai Luxe Enterprises PLC was founded on June11, 1987 with a registered capital 20 million baht. Initially, the objective was engage to import of aquatic animal feeds and cultivates black tiger shrimp for sale. Later, the company expanded to produce shrimp and fish feed for sale. Currently , we not cultivates black tiger shrimp. Over the past 32 years, the company has continued to develop in product, so that in 2015 we contract in production of pet food and by the end of 2015 the board of directors approved the investment in the geothermal Energy in Beppu, Oita, Japan on behalf of TLUXE Power Limited. Which began to recognize revenue from distribution of electricity into commercial systems since 2016 mid-year. So on December 31, 2017 the company has 23 geothermal energy plants, and invested in wind power 7 projects in Honshu, Aomori, Japan.

Throughout the operation of the aquatic animal feed business, the company has consistently and continuously developed the production process. by bringing modern technology into use Currently the company It has been certified as follows:

  • Management Standard ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2015
  • Good criteria system for animal feed production
    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system
  • Standard system ISO / IEC17025 : 2017
  • Standards and practices of good aquaculture practices Best Aquaculture Practices Certification (BAP) of shrimp feed factories

The company is the first aquaculture feed producer in Thailand that has GMP and HACCP systems, therefore it is considered a leader in the food business. Thailand's aquatic animals
In 2023, there is an action plan to certify standards and guidelines of good aquaculture practices (additional).
BAP : Best Aquaculture Practices Certification shrimp feed factory and the HALAL mark or the Halal food standard
for fish feed factory

Product or Service

Animal Feed

The animal feed production business is divided into 2 main segments, namely shrimp feed production segment. and fish food and pet food production line Currently, the production plant is located in Phetchaburi Province. It is a fully integrated factory. starting from the procurement of raw materials production and distribution with a production capacity of shrimp feed of 39,600 tons per year and a production capacity of fish feed and pet food of 36,000 tons per year, with a workforce of 246 people. Each production line consists of Shrimp Feed Production Department fish feed production department and pet food

Total production capacity = 75,600 tons/year

The company has an aquaculture feed research and development center in Samut Songkhram Province. To enhance the capability in research and development of aquatic feed products. In response to ever-changing food technology Along with the development of feed formulas for aquatic animals to have a high daily growth rate (ADG) and a low feed conversion rate (FCR) (FCR is a low feed efficiency rate). to change to the weight of aquatic animals better)

The company has set up a new animal feed factory in Songkhla province. and began operating and selling animal feed Since the second quarter of 2015, with a production capacity of shrimp feed at 36,000 tons per year and a production capacity of fish and pet food at 30,000 tons per year, and with 128 manpower, which has started to produce food to support the market expansion. in the southern region and Malaysia

Total production capacity = 66,000 tons/year

production capacity management

The Company has 2 animal feed factories in Phetchaburi Province. and Songkhla Province By planning production to support production and meet market demand continuously. In order not to cause a condition of production capacity that is over or lower than the existing production capacity. and manage increasing or decreasing orders to be consistent and suitable for the existing production capacity

Production :

1) Shrimp feed
1.Feed for black tiger shrimp : Thailuxe Gold, Lucky snd Speed
2.Feed for vannamei shrimp : Vanna and Thailuxe
3.Feed for economy shrimp : Thailuxe Prochoice

2) Fish feed and frog feed
1.Feed for catfish : Thailuxe, Lucky, Work, Speed and Prochoice
2.Feed for Tilapia : Speed, Thailuxe and Speed Plus
3.Feed for herbivorous : Thailuxe and Work
4.Feed for Sea bass : Thailuxe
5.Feed for Trichogaster pectoralis : Thailuxe
6.Feed for frog : Thailuxe

3) Pet food (OEM) : Dog food, Cat food, ornamental fish food and bird feed

Farm Business

The principal concept of running the farm business, we focus on good research and development through the application of technical know-how and technologies to prevent epidemic disease in aquatic animals. An emphasis is Placed on Biotechnology Farming method, avoiding the use of drugs and chemicals for sustainable breeding of aquatic animals including laying down the system for prevention of contamination of various diseases and carrier animals which causes infection of disease which can cause damage to bio-security production to be a sample farm for interested farmers.

Presently, breeding area for aquatic has been expanded with an improvement made on the Company’s aquatic animal breeding farm located in Tambon Khlong Khone, Samutsongkram province. On a total area of more than 240 rai which the area for aquaculture total 72 rai to develop the breeding system and standard farm system supports the demand of fish for healthy under good and effective farm management.

Geothermal Energy

By recognizing the opportunity to make money and diversify the risk from core business. We will invest in renewable energy business, Geothermal Energy which the company receive a contract with major private energy buyer in Japan for distribution electricity 40 yen per Kilowatt (Excluding tax) for a period of 15 years (from COD)

We investment with Setouchi establishing a new entity called M-LUXE ENERGY Co, Ltd , PPSN hold 25% of the shares, Setouchi hold 75% of the registered capital of 10 million yen. Presently, the new shareholding structure has been provided by TLUXE Power Company Limited or TLP a subsidiary of Thai Luxe Enterprises PCL. It also invests in wind energy in Honshu, Aomori, Japan for distribution electricity 55 yen per Kilowatt (Excluding tax) for a period of 20 years (from COD). Nowadays, the company has 23 geothermal energy and 7 wind energy in Aomori, Japan.