Academic seminar Tha Thong Shrimp Day No. 2


Photo collection of Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited, a subsidiary of PP Prime Public Company Limited, the main sponsor. in operation academic seminar #Tha Thong Shrimp Day No. 2 “Answering the Industrial Chain” along with listening to academic lectures and other interesting things On Saturday, January 27, 2024 at Diamond Plaza Hotel, Surat Thani Province.
During the event, the company has set up a product exhibition booth. and donated 4 tons of shrimp feed to participate in the auction to use the proceeds to support the Tha Thong Shrimp Farmers Club. The auction closed at 210,000 baht. There are shrimp farmers. Customer/Distributor of shrimp feed Factors of production traders and those who are interested Participated in great numbers.
Academic lecture topics which has the main topic in the lecture From the experts as follows:
– Thai farmers and the strength of Thai industry
– Answering the needs of the Thai shrimp industry chain
– A perfect system for managing by-products towards sustainability
– Success of Tha Thong Group
– The problem of drug resistance and options for managing pathogenic bacteria in white shrimp.
– Choice-survival of the Thai shrimp industry
The objective is to disseminate knowledge in academic innovation. Research related to shrimp farmers and is a guideline for promoting production Reducing costs for farmers To adjust strategies to the economic trend to be suitable for shrimp farmers
Organized by Tha Thong Shrimp Farmers Club

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