Firefighting drill and fire evacuation drill project for the year 2023

Firefighting drill and fire evacuation drill project for the year 2023
PP Prime Public Company Limited and Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited organized a firefighting drill and fire evacuation drill and training project for the year 2023 by the Office of Occupational Safety and Health. Company
By an expert speaker Sergeant Suphabun Bunkhloi from Khao Khlung Subdistrict Administrative Organization
Principles and reasons
To provide employees with skills Ability to use fire extinguishing equipment to quickly and efficiently extinguish an emergency. Preventing and extinguishing basic and severe fires. Reduce loss to life, property and the environment. As well as being able to apply knowledge in work and in daily life.
Training objectives
1. To enhance the skills of the firefighting team. to respond to and suppress emergency situations
2. To bring suggestions from the basic firefighting training unit and training unit to improve and be ready to deal with emergencies.
3. To create safety awareness among employees and participate in emergency suppression in this simulation situation.
4. Build confidence in dealing with emergencies for employees, committees, and surrounding private agencies. and local agencies
– Fire in food mill B, the operator was unable to extinguish it using a type A fire extinguisher.
– The fire director announced that there was a second level fire.
– Company emergency team Use a Type A fire extinguisher and water hose to initially extinguish the incident.
– Unable to stop the incident Notify the fire department for assistance.
– Found 1 employee missing.
– When the incident has been stopped The director announced that the situation was normal.
The said project was held on December 15, 2023 at PP Prime Public Company Limited – Thai Luxe Company Limited, Khao Yoi District, Phetchaburi Province.