PP Prime-Thai Luxe New Year activities for the year 2024

PP Prime-Thai Luxe New Year activities for the year 2024 [Morning: Buddhist ceremony, Afternoon: Sports activities, Evening: New Year Night Party]

PP Prime Public Company Limited and Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Company Limited organized the annual Company New Year activity on Saturday, January 27, 2024 to celebrate the end of the old year festival. welcome new year Build morale and encouragement for personnel within the organization. And to thank you for your commitment and determination to work. for the organization always well

Scheduled in the morning There will be a merit-making ceremony for monks. Luncheon And in the afternoon there will be sports activities. Volleyball and Sepak Takraw come to create color, fun and unity. Before there will be activities during the evening party next.

Scheduled in the evening There will be a party. Eat dinner (Chinese table) with a lively band. and draw various prizes as follows:

Cash prize 20,000 / 10,000 / 5,000 / 3,000 baht. Special prize 10,000 baht cash / gift basket / electrical appliances. Long service award: 500 baht cash award for all employees The company We sincerely hope that organizing such an event will create happiness. Fun, unity, harmony and building confidence for all employees at the office/manufacturing factory of PP Prime Public Company Limited | Thai Luxe Enterprise Co., Ltd. Phetchaburi Province and Songkhla Province