Project to develop student potential in marine shrimp aquaculture

Thai Luxe Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of PP Prime Public Company Limited, together with the Chanthaburi Shrimp Farmers Association and Burapha University (Faculty of Marine Technology), Chanthaburi Province, implementing a project to develop students’ potential in marine shrimp aquaculture. (Shrimp release project into the demonstration pond) as a learning center for students.
The company provided black tiger shrimp feed #Speed, white shrimp feed #Vanna, black tiger shrimp seedlings #Moana and white shrimp seedlings. Species recognized by markets and shrimp farmers. throughout the culture period This includes transferring the farming model from a successful farm to a demonstration pond. In pond 1, covering an area of 1.5 rai, Moana tiger shrimp fry were released. #Model Thai Luxe Focusing on disease-resistant shrimp breeds, high survival rates, low-cost management systems, high profits, and successful Thailuxe customer farms. Kriengsak Rungroj Wararak (Pong Chaiya)
which was honored to open the project By Mr. Praphan Leepayakhun
Deputy Director-General of the Department of Fisheries and the Faculty, Mr. Wirat Arunphan, President of the Chanthaburi Shrimp Farmers Association Management team from PP Prime Public Company Limited, led by Mr. Thira Kitijarurat Director of Marketing and Trade, along with students and related persons, with Dr. Sarawut Siriwong, Dean of the Faculty of Marine Technology. is the speaker and guides the project visits
In the implementation of the said project, the Company foresees that the area Chanthaburi province is an area with high production potential. Both white shrimp and black tiger shrimp with the aim of being a sustainable learning center and put it into practice for students. which is an important force in the development of shrimp farming in the future As part of the output or profit, the company will give all to the university as a capital to continue the project in the future and will continue to monitor the results of the party.
It also aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on achieving food security. enhance nutrition promote agriculture And cooperation for sustainable development and other related items at the demonstration pond, Burapha University Chanthaburi Campus