Waiting 9 months Elizaveta Tuktamysheva told about important day that has finally arrived

Russian figure skater Elizabeth Tuktamysheva does not miss their fans even in quarantine. Athlete regularly communicates with followers “Instagrame” and publishes posts in which shares his thoughts or stories to life. Last post forced to smash his head.

 Lisa Tuktamysheva again all intrigued by the mysterious post, but subscribers to quickly understand what you mean

 The European and world figure skating champion Elizabeth Tuktamysheva a day does not hold without a social network “Instagram” and their own subscribers. The quarantine period at the athletes got a lot of time to communicate with the fans on the web, despite the fact that the timetable Lisa is still filled with drills and even rehearsals program.

 In this special article, we talked about the first of its kind free program in figure skating, which was established in the online mode.

 At the same time she also affords atypical for athletes food. Recently Elizaveta Tuktamysheva write a separate post about “pitstsevoy” diet, which adheres to the Quarantine. A few days later skater own photos posted in the record under which urged people to forget her advice on nutrition.

 In a separate article we detail told about the very diet skater, which appears to have cost her a couple of extra kilos.

 But the last post in the “Instagrame” Tuktamysheva broke all records on the mystery and the interest of subscribers. Publication Elizabeth announced that today it has “superden”, which she had been waiting for about nine months. At the end of recording the girl asked the subscribers’ Why do you think? “, Prompting discussion in the comments.

 In the post skater posted unremarkable at first glance, selfie, which was prompt. Many in the crowd immediately guessed that should pay attention to the radiant smile skater.

 As it turned out, Tuktamysheva meant the removal of braces system, which she wore around nine months. But no jokes about pregnancy also has not done: some subscribers seriously thought that the 23-year-old skater has got a child.

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 Kids, today a super day! Waiting for him almost 9 months, do you think why? ⠀ Guys! Today is the “Super Day”! I had been waiting for it for almost 9 months long. Do you know why?

 Publication of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (@liza_tuktik)

 20 Apr 2020 to 5:56 PDT

 Earlier, we wrote about the cancellation of the ice show, which has already started to prepare for a figure skater Evgeny Medvedev.

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